Friday, July 7, 2017

Open My Eyes, Bible Journaling by Shannon

 Good morning, Shannon here sharing some bible journaling with you.

The message is actually from one of the songs we hear sometimes at mass. It tied in perfectly with the reflections I'm working through. Yes, that says March. I'm not good at the whole timely thing.

My go to in my bible journaling journey is SRM, I find myself reaching for all of the great stuff available time and time again. 

Take a look at the entry and you'll see: Watercolor Twist Pencils,  Watercolor Pencils 12 Piece Set, Gel Reminisce Pens/White and a black Le Pen

Here's a close up on that owl, you can see the cool layers the watercolors create with their different mediums: 

Thank you for letting me share! 


Unknown said...

Sooo beautiful, Shannon!

Shanna Slater said...

So beautiful! I love your color palette on this! Great job :)