Wednesday, July 12, 2017

God is Good by Shannon

Good morning dear readers, Shannon here sharing some bible journaling with you!  The focus of this entry with the reflections I was working on was centered on Joseph, it was his Feast Day. I don't think Joseph gets enough credit..he kind of had a ton of stuff thrown at him abruptly; he chose to take this stuff and run with it even though he had questions and doubts. I am sure he felt pressure to care for Mary and Jesus to the best of his ability, much like a modern husband and father does today. 

I documented a simple prayer, and used SRM stickers to help me with this. I used a sticker with vellum to create a tab, I need to make more tabs! You will also find sticker stitches on this page...I think you could look at 95% of my projects and find sticker stitches on them. There's also water color pencils and some awesome pens on this entry. 

Thank you for letting me share! Have a great day! 

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