Friday, July 21, 2017

Mixed Media Tags by Tobi

Hello!  Tobi here today.  I love to play with lots of different mediums and styles - it keeps this hobby of mine (which I have done for over 11 years now) fresh, new, and interesting. 

Today I am sharing some tags made with extra paint from a painting project. 

I have recently started experimenting with Acrylic Pouring and the paint that drips off the side of the canvas is just too gorgeous to throw away!!! 

Here's my painting: 

And here's the pool of paint that ran off the side. I simply dragged some tags through the paint and I had some lovely backgrounds ready to go! 

Some simple, yet striking die cuts paired with a versatile SRM sticker sentiment was all it took to dress these tags up. 

I love how a clear sticker adds just the right touch! 

1 comment:

Shanna Slater said...

So pretty! Both your tags AND your painting! Thanks for sharing such a fun idea