Thursday, October 31, 2013

Itty Bitty Pumpkins by Ann

Happy Halloween to all!  Today I'm sharing something that's perfect for Halloween but is also great for anytime during the Fall, especially Thanksgiving.

Ann Molvik loves to create knitted home decor for every holiday and season.  For Fall she decided to create some little pumpkins that can be used for home decor throughout the season or even as place card holders at your Thanksgiving table.  How totally fun and adorable!

Ann, who loves knitting with twine, found the perfect colors from The Twinery for this project:  Solid Mandarin Orange for her pumpkin and Solid Peapod Green for the stems.  For the pumpkin pictured above, Ann found a free pattern on Ravelry from Marie Green called Luscious Little Pumpkin.  

SRM Stickers Blog - Itty Bitty Pumpkins by Ann - #twine #halloween #fall #knitting #orange #green #thanksgiving #home decor

For her second project Ann created a trio of pumpkins with simple little stems.  She could not find a pattern that she liked so she created her own!  And we are sharing that pattern with you HERE.  How fun to create these for your home or as gifts for friends and family.

SRM Stickers Blog - Itty Bitty Pumpkins by Ann - #twine #halloween #fall #knitting #orange #green #thanksgiving #home decor

To create her little pumpkins, Ann used 50 yards of Solid Mandarin Orange and scraps of Solid Peapod Green

Be sure to look for Twinery Twine in your local craft or knitting stores.  Twine is becoming such a popular fiber and The Twinery has 47 different colors from which to choose.  Find them all in the SRM online store.  It's 100% cotton, 4 ply, washable and Made in the USA!  And it's great for paper crafting and gift wrapping too!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Christmas Treats by Angi

 Angi Barrs loves to give gourmet popcorn for Christmas. This year she's decided to take it up a notch and create mini popcorn buckets and SRM Popcorn Tubes.  How fun is that!

Angi used a popcorn box die and Heidi Swapp paper. And she just loves the Christmas Tree from SRM's We've Got Your Sticker Plus set.  It's so fun and festive for Christmas projects.  And the Trees from SRM's Stickers by the Dozen Christmas match them and are a perfect size for the mini and tiny Tubes.  

SRM Stickers Blog - Christmas Treats by Angi - #Tubes #stickers #christmas #treats

Angi wrapped the tops of the Tiny and Mini tubes with We've Got Your Border Christmas stickers. The colors are so merry and bright! You can easily fill your food safe tubes with popped popcorn or just the kernels. They will be a hit any way you do it.

Angi used these stickers in her fun project!  What fun little gifts or stocking stuffers from Santa! 

Thanks Angi for your great inspiration.   Perfect timing with Christmas just around the corner!  Gift giving has never been so easy, tasty and FUN!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fancy Christmas Cards by Laurel

Laurel Seabrook is featured on today's blog with some fast and fancy Christmas Cards.  By sticking to the same paper pack (Echo Park Reflections Christmas) and the same sticker sheet (SRM's Fancy Sticker Sentiments), she was able to create both of these cards very quickly! 

 This snowman card was created with scraps.  Be sure to save those scraps, they sometimes come in handy!

I love the old fashioned feel of this second card and the use of the 2 merchandise tags that are tied together with some delicious twine.  SRM's Fancy Sticker Sentiments are a perfect accompaniment to this beautiful card.  

Laurel used just 2 of the sentiments from SRM's Fancy Sticker Sentiments Christmas sheet.  Just think of all the things you can do with the rest of your delicious stickers!

Thanks Laurel for this fast and fabulous inspiration for making Christmas cards!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Christmas Cards by Angélique

All of our design team members are busy making their Christmas Cards.  Angélique Jarrier's work is so intricate and ususally 3-D so I was excited to see what she created using SRM Stickers for her Christmas cards.  These cards are, to say the least, stunning!

Using SRM's Fancy Christmas Sticker Sentiments, Angélique created this beautiful inked, stamped and stickered dimensional card. I love the ribbon that she chose for her card.  And the doily adds a special touch too! 

SRM Stickers Blog - Christmas Card by Angelique - #cards #christmas #fancy #stickers

Here's another lovely 3-D card using Fancy Sticker Sentiments that goes beautifully with some ornaments that Angélique created that were featured here on the blog on October 11th.   

SRM Stickers Blog - Christmas Card by Angelique - #cards #christmas #fancy #stickers

If you missed the blog post for making these ornaments, you can see them HERE

 And the third card from Angélique uses a Fancy Sticker Sentiments and a Merry Christmas sentiment from SRM's Stickers by the Dozen.  The beautiful diecut and dimensional additions to this card are amazing!  And the inked tag with it's Fancy Sentiment is gorgeous.  

SRM Stickers Blog - Christmas Card by Angelique - #cards #christmas #fancy #stickers

Here's a closer look at the detail. 

SRM Stickers Blog - Christmas Card by Angelique - #cards #christmas #fancy #stickers

What a beautiful trio of cards!  Thanks Angélique for all the inspiration.

SRM Stickers Blog - Christmas Card by Angelique - #cards #christmas #fancy #stickers

There's still plenty of time to make your Christmas cards.  If you need more inspiration, check HERE on the SRM Blog where our design teams have created lots of Christmas craft ideas over the past 3 years.  

Friday, October 25, 2013

Clean & Simple Christmas Cards by Yvonne

Yvonne Yam is usually the queen of all things mixed media but sometimes she needs to make some quick and easy cards and SRM clear stickers are perfect for this task! 

Using 3 different Christmas sticker sheets from SRM, Yvonne created 3 cards but could make at least 25 more!  There are lots of sentiments on each sheet.  Plus there are lots of image stickers as well. Yvonne used lots of delicious patterned papers from Doodlebug.

On her first card, Yvonne used Christmas Borders and a sentiment and Christmas Tree from We've Got Your Sticker PLUS.  She mounted the sticker on cardstock and cut it out making it a focal point on her card.  The touch of Peapod green twine is perfect!

SRM Stickers Blog - Clean & Simple Christmas Cards by Yvonne - #cards #Christmas #twine #stickers #simple

On her second card Yvonne used just one border from SRM's Christmas Border sheet and a sentiment from the We've Got Your Sticker MERRY.  

SRM Stickers Blog - Clean & Simple Christmas Cards by Yvonne - #cards #Christmas #twine #stickers #simple

And on her third card, Yvonne used a kraft cardstock base, added some patterened paper and borders from SRM top and bottom.  The white sentiment and Santa image are from the We've Got Your Sticker MERRY design. 

SRM Stickers Blog - Clean & Simple Christmas Cards by Yvonne - #cards #Christmas #twine #stickers #simple

Put them all together and you have a lovely trio of cards.  

SRM Stickers Blog - Clean & Simple Christmas Cards by Yvonne - #cards #Christmas #twine #stickers #simple

SRM Stickers are the perfect solution to your Christmas card needs.  Quick and easy but fun and fabulous.  Can't get any better than that! :) 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halloween Table Decor by Roberta

Roberta Rosi has created a pair of treats for your Halloween table, perfect for a place setting or Halloween gift!  

Roberta used SRM's 2" Clear Square Box decorating it with some SRM borders, Stickers by the Dozen and We've Got Your Sticker.   

SRM Stickers Blog - Halloween Table Decor by Roberta - #halloween #boxes #clear #stickers #twine #borders

SRM Stickers Blog - Halloween Table Decor by Roberta - #halloween #boxes #clear #stickers #twine #borders

What a sweet treat box that doubles as a place holder at your party table.  Roberta topped the box with sheer black and orange ribbon combined with Black and Orange Bakers Twine and filled it with candy.  YUM!

SRM Stickers Blog - Halloween Table Decor by Roberta - #halloween #boxes #clear #stickers #twine #borders

SRM Stickers Blog - Halloween Table Decor by Roberta - #halloween #boxes #clear #stickers #twine #borders

You can make these treats in no time flat using SRM Clear containers and these stickers shown below.  And you'll have lots of stickers left over to make cards or treat bags.  

Be sure to join us again tomorrow for another treat from our talented design team.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

CARDS, Cards, cards! by Shelly

Shelly Kurth has created 5 fabulous Christmas cards using a variety of SRM Sticker Sentiment sheets. These cards are easy to CASE with their simple structure of using cardstock bases, a bit of stamping, stickers and a few simple embellishments. 

 For her first card, Shelly stamped a white mistletoe and holly image, added a bit of bling and placed an SRM Sentiment from the Christmas Borders onto a wood banner.  Perfection!

SRM Stickers Blog - Cards by Shelly - #Christmas #cards #stickers #borders #fancy #twine

For her second card Shelly used a wood veneer house, a bit of stamping, a bit of bling and SRM's Fancy Sticker Sentiment Christmas.

SRM Stickers Blog - Cards by Shelly - #Christmas #cards #stickers #borders #fancy #twine

Using white and kraft card stock, the simplicity of the next 2 cards is stunning.  Shelly used some red SRM Sticker Stitches to "trim" her washi tape tree and used SRM's Christmas Borders for her "be merry" sentiment and mounted it on a wood veneer piece.  A few gems complete the cards.

SRM Stickers Blog - Cards by Shelly - #Christmas #cards #stickers #borders #fancy #twine

SRM Stickers Blog - Cards by Shelly - #Christmas #cards #stickers #borders #fancy #twine

This bold and beautiful card uses a SRM Quick Card Jolly for the sentiment along with some mini sentiments from SRM's Christmas Border and a bit of white Sticker Stitches.   Shelly used some washi tape, a touch of 2 shades of aqua card stock and just a bit of twine.  A few gems are also place on the card.

SRM Stickers Blog - Cards by Shelly - #Christmas #cards #stickers #borders #fancy #twine

Put them all together and you have this beautiful collection of Christmas cards all ready to go!  

SRM Stickers Blog - Cards by Shelly - #Christmas #cards #stickers #borders #fancy #twine

Thank you Shelly for your simple yet sensational cards.  You have inspired us!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Quick & Easy Christmas Cards by Lesley

Quick and easy was the name of the game when Lesley Croghan created these 4 fabulous cards! She loves that with some patterned papers, a couple of die cuts and some SRM Stickers, she could quickly put together and assortment of different Christmas cards!  And what beautiful cards they are. 

For the first card, Lesley used a red sentiment from SRM's We've Got Your Sticker Merry design.  So clean and simple, yet sensational!  Love the die cut snowflake, the bold dots and the color scheme of this card.  And think of all the other cards and projects that Lesley can make with the rest of the stickers on this sheet.

SRM Stickers Blog - Lesley Croghan- #Christmas #card #stitches #stickers #twine

On her second card Lesley used SRM's Winter Wishes Sticker Sentiment Sheet.  You can make at least 25 cards using all the fun and fabulous sentiments on this sticker.  And don't forget the twine!

SRM Stickers Blog - Lesley Croghan- #Christmas #card #stitches #stickers #twine

For her 3rd card Lesley kept it super simple with layered papers, a simple diecut and punched piece and a bit of Twinery Twine.  Love the effect of the hanging ornament on this card.  The sentiment is from SRM's Happy Holidays Sticker Sentiment sheet.  And there are lots more cards to made using this sheet of clear stickers. 
SRM Stickers Blog - Lesley Croghan- #Christmas #card #stitches #stickers #twine

 Love the pin dot embossing on the white cardstock. 

And for her final card, Lesley used SRM's We've Got Your Sticker MERRY and some Sticker Stitches in red, green and white and with just a touch of twine.

SRM Stickers Blog - Lesley Croghan- #Christmas #card #stitches #stickers #twine

Super simple. Super sensational!  Thanks for the inspiration Lesley.  Never too early to get started making hand crafted Christmas cards.  Need more inspiration?  Check out all of the Design Team's Christmas projects HERE.   

Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall Votive Gift Set by Shelly

Shelly Kurth created this Fall gift set using a votive candle with a SRM Clear container, a Thanksgiving Quick Card, Thank You Borders and some Twinery Twine.

Shelly used a piece of vellum, cut to fit around the candle.  She then embossed it using a woodgrain pattern.  She adhered the embossed vellum to the candle and added some Cappuccino Twine.

SRM Stickers Blog -Shelly Kurth- #Thanksgiving #candle #quickcard #stickers #twine #clearbox

Placing the wrapped votive candle inside a SRM Clear Rectangular box, Shelly arranged some burlap, diecut leaves and a mounted "a time for thanks" sentiment to place inside the box and then added some big, beautiful die cuts to the outside with a bit more Twinery Twine, Mandarin and Cappuccino.

SRM Stickers Blog -Shelly Kurth- #Thanksgiving #candle #quickcard #stickers #twine #clearbox

SRM Stickers Blog -Shelly Kurth- #Thanksgiving #candle #quickcard #stickers #twine #clearbox

Here are the SRM Stickers and container that Shelly used.

What a beautiful hostess gift to take to any Fall event.  Who would not love to receive this wonderful project?  Thanks Shelly for your inspiration.  And if you wanted to make this project for any time of year, just change out the Quick Card theme and you could have a Christmas gift, Valentine treat or maybe even something for a birthday!  See all the Quick Cards HERE.  There are 33 different designs! 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Give Thanks by Corri

Corri Garza loves making gift sets.  This coordinated bag and card are a perfect pair for fall using SRM's Thanksgiving Stickers, SRM's 4 x 6 Kraft Bag and some fun and festive patterned papers.  

SRM Stickers Blog - Give Thanks by Corri - #thanksgiving #thanks #card #bag #gift

SRM Stickers Blog - Give Thanks by Corri - #thanksgiving #thanks #card #bag #gift

Corri has used just a few of the stickers on this sheet to create her project.  Just think of all the other things she can make with the stickers that are left over.  

What an adorable set to give to someone special this Fall.

SRM Stickers Blog - Give Thanks by Corri - #thanksgiving #thanks #card #bag #gift

Have a wonderful weekend and be sure to join us next week for lots of fabulous projects each and every day from our talented design team.