Friday, February 28, 2014

What's Cookin' by Angélique

What's cookin' on the SRM Blog next week?  Here's a sneak peek!  We are having a week that's all about vinyl featuring SRM's new adhesive vinyls that our design team has been playing with. 

When Angélique Jarrier received her SRM vinyl she decided to repurpose some old glass jars to create containers for her kitchen but also to serve as decoration.    Angélique used SRM's Silver Metallic Matte Vinyl and some of SRM's Cooking stickers to embellish her project.  Angélique does not have a Silhouette so she just wrapped the vinyl around the jar and decorated it with stickers.  Easy peasy and so much fun!

Here's the SRM products Angélique used for this project. 
Silver Metallic Matte Vinyl

What's Cookin' Live Life Stickers

Be sure to check in with us for next week's celebration of all things vinyl!  Our team has lots of inspiration in store for you!  And did I mention that there will be a GIVEAWAY?  

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Wedding Favors & Place Cards by Corri

Using SRM's new small muslin bags, stickers, doilies and Solid Twinery twine, Corri Garza has created some pretty favors and place cards for a wedding.  

Corri stamped a doily shape on the small muslin bags with Stazon Ink.  I love how you can stamp on these muslin bags.  The possibilities are endless.  Corri trimmed the bags with a SRM border from the new Take 2 Stickers by the Dozen Wedding.  Appropriate for a wedding, Corri filled the bags with Hershey kisses!

For the place cards, Corri cut a piece of card stock 5" high and 4" wide and scored along the 5% side at 2 1/2".  She folded a SRM 4" Doily in half and glued it in place.  Then embellished the place cards with the Take 2 Stickers by the Dozen borders.  She added a small flag shaped piece of black card stock, wrote the guest's name in white and added a pearl for the finishing touch 

What a lovely pair of projects that would be perfect for a wedding or an anniversary.  Thanks Corri for the inspiration!  I simply LOVE this project.  So crisp and clean and perfect!

If you love using SRM Stickers, be sure to post on our Flickr where we are approaching 7000 posts!  So much inspiration on the Flickr, I often pull projects from there and feature them on Facebook.  

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wedding Favor Treats by Roberta

You are in for a treat today!  Wedding treats, that is to say!  A whole collection of wonderful treats from Roberta Rosi who has combined SRM's new Take 2 Mr. & Mrs. Stickers by the Dozen, with SRM Doilies, SRM's new Large Muslin Bag and some twine.  Delicious!

Roberta started out by decorating the large Muslin Bag with a doily, some stickers and a small blue heart.  Then she replaced the drawstring on the bag with some Stone Twinery Twine.  So far, I'm loving this!

 Then she put some rice in a glassine bag and decorated with the same Mr. & Mrs. stickers and little blue heart.  In Italy, it's traditional to throw rice at the end of the ceremony so each person would have their own personal packet of rice!  So fun!

In another glassine bag Roberta put in 2 tissues as she says "Italians are always very emotional during weddings" and again she used the stickers and little blue heart as decoration.  Each person gets their own tissues.  How sweet!

Roberta decorated with a SRM Doily, Sticker and a little blue heart on the cover of the ceremony book that she bound with Stone Twinery Twine. Each bag would have one of these tucked inside as well.

Finally, Roberta put all the various elements into the SRM Muslin Bag that she had decorated earlier.  

Here's the grouping of the items inside the Muslin Bag.  What a treasure trove of treats.  Thank you Roberta for creating a spectacular collection of crafty treats that would be a wonderful addition to any wedding.  Just change the color of the punched hearts and twine to match the colors of the wedding and you are good to go! 

SRM is blessed to have so many talented Design Team members who just keep on coming up with great ways to combine all of our different products.  For this project, here are the products that Roberta used. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Graduation Party by Angi Barrs

Angi Barrs' youngest daughter is graduating in June and Angi could not wait to use SRM's newest graduation products, Take 2 Stickers by the Dozen, to make some fun party favors.  She also used SRM's doilies, A-2 clear box, glassine bags embossed with a chevron design and Happy Graduation Pencils! 

Angi placed an SRM glassine bag into an A2 clear box and then decorated the outside of the box with a doily and graduation stickers.  Super cute!

Angi found some chalkboard picks at her local craft store and added more SRM Graduation sticker borders to decorate the wooden sticks.  She loves the graduation pencils as a fun item to add to the gift box.  

You can easily place gift cards, money or any other type of gift into your bag in a box.  Love this idea!

Here are the SRM products Angi used on her project: 

Do you have a graduate in your family?  Hope that Angi's project has given you lots of inspiration!

Monday, February 24, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Card by Michelle

Michelle Giraud is getting ready for St. Patrick's Day!  She created this fun and fabulous card using stamps and stickers and doilies!  Yes doilies!  For this card Michelle used SRM's Express Yourself St. Patrick's Day for the sentiment across the top and both of the shamrock images.

SRM Stickers Blog - St. Patrick's Day Card by Michelle - #st pats #card #stamping #copics #ranger #diistress #doilies #stickers

What a beautiful job of stamping the image and coloring it with her Copics.  Michelle is such a pro!

SRM Stickers Blog - St. Patrick's Day Card by Michelle - #st pats #card #stamping #copics #ranger #diistress #doilies #stickers

Michelle took one of SRM's new 4" Doilies, cut it into quarters and painted it with Green Ranger Distress Paint.  Brilliant!  Then she tucked it under the main image.  So if you need to have a colored doily, now you know how to make the doily any color you like!

SRM Stickers Blog - St. Patrick's Day Card by Michelle - #st pats #card #stamping #copics #ranger #diistress #doilies #stickers

Thanks for looking in on us today!  Are you ready to get started on your St. Patrick's Day projects?  Best 'o Luck!


WINNERS from Crazy About Doilies week

Here are the 5 daily winners from last weeks' doily giveaway! 
Monday:  MIA LUCIA said...

I love doilies, they make anything look polished! :)
Tuesday:  Nathalie said
The idea of stitching with twine around the doily itself in GENIUS and so creative!!! TFS!
Wednesday:  Tracey McNeely said
Absolutely gorgeous! 

Thursday:  Ashley Nguyen Newell said
This is super sweet!  I love the use of doilies! 

Friday:  Ravengirl said
This is wonderful!  Thank you for the continued inspiration!

Please email me your mailing addresses ladies and your doilies will be on their way!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Spring Card & Tea Box by Lesley

Lesley Croghan has created the sweetest gift set for us today.  It's a little tea bag holder with a matching card.  Leslie used some SRM baby girl and pastel borders, a SRM Doily and one of our newest containers, the mini clear box.  And an adorable teapot die from Paper Sweeties.

 Leslie loves how the small boxes fit tea bags perfectly!  

Love the addition of a SRM Pastel Label by the Dozen to this project topped off with a little flower and bling. 

For her card, Lesley chose a pretty patterned paper and decorated it with another die cut teapot placed on a doily with a pair of sweet borders at the bottom.  

What a super sweet project.  Thank you Lesley for the inspiration.
And thanks for dropping by here on the SRM Blog where 5 days a week inspiration is the name of the game!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thank You Box by Michelle

Welcome to Day #4 of Crazy for Doilies week!  Today doilies are used on one of SRM's new A-2 sized clear boxes.  

Michelle Giraud loves the whimsical look of folded pinwheels so for this project she combined the pinwheels with SRM's new pretty paper doilies and SRM's new A2 sized clear card box to create a small gift set with a matching thank you card that fits right in the box along with a little trinket.  

SRM Stickers Blog - Thank You Box by Michelle - #card #doilies #thank you #clear box

The matching card has half of a doily pleated and adhered above the "thank you" sentiment from Stickers by the Dozen.

SRM Stickers Blog - Thank You Box by Michelle - #card #doilies #thank you #clear box

Oh, I see some of these as gifts for friends in my future!  Don't you?

Leave a comment and cross your fingers!  You might just WIN some luscious doilies for your crafty stash!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Doily Wedding Card by Shelly

Welcome to Day #3 of "Crazy for Doilies" week here on the SRM Blog.  Today we feature a project from Shelly Kurth who has created the most beautiful card perfect for a wedding. 

SRM Stickers Blog - Doily Wedding Card by Shelly - #card #wedding #doily #twine #stickers

Shelly cut the edge of a SRM Doily off and adhered it to the card.  She sprayed a little smooch spritz over the doily and the card. 

SRM Stickers Blog - Doily Wedding Card by Shelly - #card #wedding #doily #twine #stickers 

Shelly cut a die using white card stock and added foam squares on the back.  She added a double dose of solid grey twine to a die cut piece that she cut out of white card stock. And then she added a little "Happily Ever After" border from SRM's new Take 2 - Stickers by the Dozen Wedding design.

SRM Stickers Blog - Doily Wedding Card by Shelly - #card #wedding #doily #twine #stickers

Finish off your card with enamel dots and you are done!  Beautiful Shelly.  You've created something truly stunning!  

Here are the SRM products that Shelly used for her card: 

Are you crazy for doilies?  Hope that this week's focus on all things doilies is giving you lots of inspiration!

Be sure to leave a comment!  We would love to have YOU win a stash of SRM Doilies.  They are super fun to play with and fit in with so many crafty pursuits.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Crazy for Doilies Layout by Juliana

Welcome to day #2 of SRM's Crazy About Doilies week! Today the focus is on doilies used on layouts.  And don't forget, it's another GIVEAWAY day!

Juliana Michaels creates the most beautiful layouts and when she saw the new SRM Doilies she knew exactly what she wanted to do with them!  She created this bright and beautiful St. Patrick's Day layout. 

SRM Stickers Blog - Crazy for Doilies Layout by Juliana - #layout #St Pattick's #doily #twine #stickers

Juliana hand stitched each of the doilies with some Peapod green Twinery Twine.  What a perfect touch! She added some SRM Black Sticker Stitches.  

SRM Stickers Blog - Crazy for Doilies Layout by Juliana - #layout #St Pattick's #doily #twine #stickers

Then she placed the large title sticker on a piece of vellum before she adhered it to her page.  I love the way it looks!

SRM Stickers Blog - Crazy for Doilies Layout by Juliana - #layout #St Pattick's #doily #twine #stickers

Here are the supplies that Juliana used on her layout:

I'm crazy for Juliana's layout.  What a lovely way to use doilies!

Be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win some SRM Doilies for your stash!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Embossed Bags & Doilies by Yvonne

Welcome to Day #1 of Crazy About Doilies Week here on the SRM Blog.  All week long our designers will be making projects using doilies.  And every day we will be doing a GIVEAWAY!  Just leave a comment on the blog and you might just win a stash of these little lacey lovelies! 

First up is Yvonne Yam who LOVES doilies and embossed kraft and glassine bags from SRM. She decided to team them together to create the perfect gift bags!

Yvonne loves that these pre-embossed bags are so easy to decorate with scrap bits like SRM Stickers, patterned papers and embellishments. 

SRM Stickers Blog - Embossed Bags & Doilies by Yvonne - #kraft #bags #embossed #doilies #stickers

And she loves how the doilies add texture for the flaps and serve as a lovely mat for the SRM Stickers.  

SRM Stickers Blog - Embossed Bags & Doilies by Yvonne - #kraft #bags #embossed #doilies #stickers

Here are all the SRM products that Yvonne used on her bags. 

Need some gift bags?  Now you've got some great inspiration!  Thanks Yvonne.  Love your idea!  Be sure to leave a comment for a chance to WIN doilies for your stash.

Join us tomorrow when doilies will be in the spotlight and there will be another GIVEAWAY!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Crocheted Heart Scarf by Ann

Love twine?  Love to crochet?  Here's a perfect project for you! 

As a special Valentine's treat, today we are featuring a crocheted heart scarf from Ann Molvik using Solid Maraschino Twinery Twine.  

SRM Stickers Blog - Crocheted Heart Scarf by Ann - #crochet #twine #scarf #pink #red #Valentine

This project takes about 150 yards, just a little over 1/2 spool of Twine.  Here's the pattern that Ann used:

You can make this scarf in red or any color.  It's a perfect way to say "I love you" any time of year!

SRM Stickers Blog - Crocheted Heart Scarf by Ann - #crochet #twine #scarf #pink #red #Valentine

Here's the Maraschino Red Solid Twine Ann used on her scarf but you could also use the red/white Maraschino if you like!

SRM Stickers Blog - Crocheted Heart Scarf by Ann - #crochet #twine #scarf #pink #red #Valentine

Or how about using Pink Sorbet?  Super fun!

SRM Stickers Blog - Crocheted Heart Scarf by Ann - #crochet #twine #scarf #pink #red #Valentine

You could even create this scarf in school colors!  Wouldn't that be fun!

Hope you have a day filled with love, hugs flowers and chocolate!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Vinyl Wall Decor by Juliana

Juliana Michaels loves playing with her Silhouette Cameo.  And now that SRM has Vinyl, Juliana is having a blast!  She designed some images herself for a wall decor project.  How fun is that!   All images are available for download on Juliana's blog:

SRM Stickers Blog - Vinyl Wall Decor by Juliana - #vinyl #SRM #Silhouette #red #turquoise #lime green

For her project, Juliana got some trays at the Dollar Tree and painted them with chalkboard paint before adding the vinyl images.  
Here are the finished trays now happily living on Juliana's wall in her home.

SRM Stickers Blog - Vinyl Wall Decor by Juliana - #vinyl #SRM #Silhouette #red #turquoise #lime green

And here are some closeups of these bold and beautiful trays.  

SRM Stickers Blog - Vinyl Wall Decor by Juliana - #vinyl #SRM #Silhouette #red #turquoise #lime green

SRM Stickers Blog - Vinyl Wall Decor by Juliana - #vinyl #SRM #Silhouette #red #turquoise #lime green

SRM Stickers Blog -Vinyl Wall Decor by Juliana - #vinyl #SRM #Silhouette #red #turquoise #lime green

And here are the 3 colors of SRM's Matte Vinyl that Juliana used on her project:  Lime Tree Green, Red and Turquoise

SRM Stickers Blog - Vinyl Wall Decor by Juliana - #vinyl #SRM #Silhouette #red #turquoise #lime green

SRM Stickers Blog - Vinyl Wall Decor by Juliana - #vinyl #SRM #Silhouette #red #turquoise #lime green

SRM Stickers Blog - Vinyl Wall Decor by Juliana - #vinyl #SRM #Silhouette #red #turquoise #lime green

Juliana said "I seriously LOVED making this project and I can't wait to do more!".  And we can't wait to SEE more!  Thanks Juliana for the inspiration.