Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wedding Favor Treats by Roberta

You are in for a treat today!  Wedding treats, that is to say!  A whole collection of wonderful treats from Roberta Rosi who has combined SRM's new Take 2 Mr. & Mrs. Stickers by the Dozen, with SRM Doilies, SRM's new Large Muslin Bag and some twine.  Delicious!

Roberta started out by decorating the large Muslin Bag with a doily, some stickers and a small blue heart.  Then she replaced the drawstring on the bag with some Stone Twinery Twine.  So far, I'm loving this!

 Then she put some rice in a glassine bag and decorated with the same Mr. & Mrs. stickers and little blue heart.  In Italy, it's traditional to throw rice at the end of the ceremony so each person would have their own personal packet of rice!  So fun!

In another glassine bag Roberta put in 2 tissues as she says "Italians are always very emotional during weddings" and again she used the stickers and little blue heart as decoration.  Each person gets their own tissues.  How sweet!

Roberta decorated with a SRM Doily, Sticker and a little blue heart on the cover of the ceremony book that she bound with Stone Twinery Twine. Each bag would have one of these tucked inside as well.

Finally, Roberta put all the various elements into the SRM Muslin Bag that she had decorated earlier.  

Here's the grouping of the items inside the Muslin Bag.  What a treasure trove of treats.  Thank you Roberta for creating a spectacular collection of crafty treats that would be a wonderful addition to any wedding.  Just change the color of the punched hearts and twine to match the colors of the wedding and you are good to go! 

SRM is blessed to have so many talented Design Team members who just keep on coming up with great ways to combine all of our different products.  For this project, here are the products that Roberta used. 


Ravengirl said...

How very cute is this project!

Cool Scrapbook Stuff said...

Beautiful!!! Can you do my wedding?? Please and thank you!!!


Katie Melhus said...

Great wedding idea, especially the personal tissue pack!

Lynn said...

So elegant and beautiful! Great cost effective way to make favor bags.

Katie Ann Brooks said...

These are absolutely lovely!