Monday, February 17, 2014

Embossed Bags & Doilies by Yvonne

Welcome to Day #1 of Crazy About Doilies Week here on the SRM Blog.  All week long our designers will be making projects using doilies.  And every day we will be doing a GIVEAWAY!  Just leave a comment on the blog and you might just win a stash of these little lacey lovelies! 

First up is Yvonne Yam who LOVES doilies and embossed kraft and glassine bags from SRM. She decided to team them together to create the perfect gift bags!

Yvonne loves that these pre-embossed bags are so easy to decorate with scrap bits like SRM Stickers, patterned papers and embellishments. 

SRM Stickers Blog - Embossed Bags & Doilies by Yvonne - #kraft #bags #embossed #doilies #stickers

And she loves how the doilies add texture for the flaps and serve as a lovely mat for the SRM Stickers.  

SRM Stickers Blog - Embossed Bags & Doilies by Yvonne - #kraft #bags #embossed #doilies #stickers

Here are all the SRM products that Yvonne used on her bags. 

Need some gift bags?  Now you've got some great inspiration!  Thanks Yvonne.  Love your idea!  Be sure to leave a comment for a chance to WIN doilies for your stash.

Join us tomorrow when doilies will be in the spotlight and there will be another GIVEAWAY!


Marcia said...

It's amazing how a doily dresses up an ordinary sticker.

Sue D said...

These are so cute--I love the little scenes she created and the use of doilies.

MIA LUCIA said...

I love doilies, they make anything look polished! :)

Ravengirl said...

Those are cute, cute gift bags! Nice to have on hand!

Elizabeth Terry said...

love the use of doilies!!

BobbisTreasure said...


Denise Bryant said...

Love the texture the embossing adds, and the lovely doilies! Great job on the bags!

{VICKI} said...

what a great way to dress up an ordinary bag

cghundley said...

Oh how fun these
bags are! Great
use for the doilies
and the items added
on the bottom.
Carla from Utah

Jennie said...

Super cute bags and love the doilies! Great projects :)

Unknown said...

I use doilies on so many things. The ones you used on the bags are the same 4" size that I use so all I have to do is pick up some bags and I can get this project going. I would love to add these to my collection. Thanks for the chance!!

Ashley Newell said...

Super cute bags!