Monday, June 30, 2014

2015 Mini Calendar by Annette

Welcome to the first day of the new SRM Design Team!  We are so excited to have these uber talented ladies join us. 

Give a big SRM welcome to Annette Allen!  You are going to love her clean and crisp style.  Annette has been loving her SRM for quite a while and we are thrilled to have her on the team! 

For her first project Annette created a fun and fabulous 2015 tag mini calendar that is perfect as a Christmas gift.  It's never too early to start thinking of fun little gifts to give teachers, friends and family.  I think I'm going to have to CASE this project!   Annette used SRM's Standard Mini Calendar, Year of Memories 2015 sticker and some SRM Border stickers for this project.  

SRM Stickers Blog - 2015 Mini Calendar by Annette - #calendar #mini #2015 #stickers

Each of the months is topped with different pattered paper and a cute critter stamped image that is colored to match the papers.  So sweet!

SRM Stickers Blog - 2015 Mini Calendar by Annette - #calendar #mini #2015 #stickers

This adorable mini calendar is just the right size to pop into your purse for handy reference!

SRM Stickers Blog - 2015 Mini Calendar by Annette - #calendar #mini #2015 #stickers

Who would not want to receive this darling little gem?

SRM Stickers Blog - 2015 Mini Calendar by Annette - #calendar #mini #2015 #stickers

Thanks Annette for giving us a great formula for creating fun and fabulous gifts.   No time like the present to get started on that Christmas list!

SRM Stickers Blog - 2015 Mini Calendar by Annette - #calendar #mini #2015 #stickers

Be sure to join us tomorrow with Shantaie Fowler wows us with a 4th of July project!  Love how many different things you can do with SRM Stickers:  layouts, cards, calendars,  gift sets,  gift wrap, mixed media and the list goes on and on!  What's your favorite thing to do with SRM?

Friday, June 27, 2014

Design Team Tribute

Today we celebrate the design team that has served us for the past year.  And what a team it has been!  I've chosen my favorite project from each of the team members showing their style and their love of SRM.  Thank you to all of the team members who have all contributed each in their own very special way to this team.  I personally appreciate all the beautiful projects that you have created, making SRM Sticker products shine! 

First up is Angélique Jarrier who has a very special mixed media 3-D crafting style.  Here's my favorite project, a beautiful SRM gift bag that is embellished with a SRM Doily and SRM Fancy Sticker Sentiment.  What a work of art!  Thank you Angélique for all of your beautiful projects.  

Next up is Angi Barrs who has a fresh and fun style and loves creating gifty treats.   My favorite is Angi's Valentine muslin bag, adorned with SRM Numbers, Borders and Months.  So sweet!  So Angi!  Thank you Angi for bringing so much  fun and fabulousness to the team.  Your playful projects are always a treat!

Corri Garza loves making gift sets.  This is my favorite from the year.  It combines Corri's many talents including using vinyl and creating cards.  What a fun and fabulous set.  Thank you Corri for the special talent that you have brought to the team.  

Next up is Juliana Michaels who does it all.  Her layouts are magnificent.  Her cards perfection.  Her containers so special and inventive.   But my favorite project of the year was her subway art created with SRM Vinyl.  It's just spectacular.  Thank you Juliana for everything that you do and do so beautifully.  It's been a joy to have you on the team. 

Latrice Murphy loves playing with paper and stickers (or any other crafty thing for that matter) and for my favorite Latrice project it's this set of Christmas cards.  So fun!  And such a great use of all those SRM stickers! :)  Thank you Latrice for your fun, upbeat style.  You always make me smile!

Laurel Seabrook creates the most lovely layouts and I love the way she weaves her clear SRM Stickers throughout.  The Outdoor Theme is one of Laurel's favorites and this layout is one of my favorites.  With her gorgeous photos Laurel slows down life and captures a special moment.  Thank you Laurel for all the beautiful projects that you have created.  You are a special talent. 

Lesley Croghan is such a special crafter.  She creates the most amazing cards and her gift sets are perfection.  Hard to choose my favorite but I just love this fun an fresh summer picnic set.  Doesn't it just make you want to have a party?   Thank you Leslie for your gorgeous work and a special thanks to Leslie for starting the SRM Challenge Blog.  We are having lots of fun with that!  I appreciate all the effort you have put into the team and into the Challenge Blog.  Hugs!


Michelle Giraud loves playing with anything crafty and when she got the new Burlap Bags she went to town creating a great gift set with Tubes, Labels and Doilies.  What a delicious idea! Thank you Michelle for all you have done.  Whether it's stamped cards, altered calendars, containers or gift sets, your work it always special.  And thank you Michelle for being on our SRM Challenge Blog Design Team too!  Love that we get to see more of you!

It is very tough to choose my favorite project from Roberta Rosi but have decided that I totally love this little mini calendar in a box.  Roberta's sense of design is perfection.  She lives in Milan, Italy, the design center of the world, so it makes sense that she would bring this to the team!  Thank you Roberta for each and every project.  I love them all! 

Shelly Kurth brings a minimalist style to the team and I chose her for that style.  And she has never disappointed.  I would love to be a fly on the wall watching Shelly create her projects.  She always ends up with just the right touch of everything that she chooses to use.  Simplicity is the name of the game and perfection is the result.  {{Love}} the Shelly Kurth style!  Kraft Bag + Border + Labels by the Dozen + a bit of bling = Fabulous!  We'll see more of Shelly over on the SRM Challenge Blog as she's on that team!  YAY!

Yvonne Yam does it all with a focus on Mixed Media and yet for my favorite project I was drawn to these simple, elegant burlap bags that Yvonne created using SRM's Take 2 Mr & Mrs Stickers, Wedding Borders and SRM Doilies (which may be Yvonne's new favorite go to product!). Thank you Yvonne for your fabulous projects and for your love of all things SRM.  

And last, but not least, Ann Molvik has brought very something very special to the team this year with her talent in all things knitting and crocheting with twine.  I love this little pumpkin that she created for her Thanksgiving table.  Each place setting had one.  Thank you Ann for showing us lots of wonderful ideas that we never would have thought of by ourselves!  You are amazing!

Once again, thank you one and all, Design Team 2013-14, for a great year!  You have been a joy to work with!  And don't be strangers.  You are always welcome at SRM!  Be sure to share any of your SRM Projects with us on our Flickr.  We look forward to that!  We are almost up to 7000 projects.  We would love yours to be one of them!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Doily Covered Boxes by Michelle

Michelle Giraud has created a wonderful idea using SRM's new Kraft Pillow Boxes and doilies.

The first box is a little wedding favor using the Large Kraft Pillow Box and the 6" Doily.  Michelle folded the doily over the back of the pillowbox and secured with a touch of hot glue.  The Mr. & Mrs sticker is a Take 2-Stickers by the Dozen Wedding and is adhered to 2 of the Punched Pieces scalloped circles in white & black.  The bow and the circles were also hot glued on to the box.

For her second box, Michelle used the Small Kraft Pillow box as the base for a Christmas box to create a gold embellished look.  The 4" round gold lace doily was the perfect size and was hot glued to the front of the small box and the excess just fits to cover the sides of the folded box.  Michelle used Take 2 - Stickers by the Dozen Christmas for the sentiment and adhered it to a medium green Punched Piece.  Michelle decorated the Punched Piece with a white pen giving it little dots on each of the scallops.  This would be a perfect gift box for jewelry!  

Doilies and Kraft Pillow Boxes are a perfect combination.  Thanks Michelle for giving us some great ways to use them together.  

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Framed Mini Calendar by Roberta

Calendars make the most wonderful gifts and today we have a calendar created by Roberta Rosi that is reusable and can be used year after year as a wall calendar.  All you have to do is replace the month and the year with SRM's Mini Calendar stickers! 

SRM Stickers Blog - Framed Mini Calendar by Roberta - #calendar #mini #stickers #twine #2015

As a base, Roberta used a square canvas about measuring about 8" x 8".  She covered the back with some white cardboard.

Roberta then covered a white cardboard square with a variety of solid Twinery twine colors creating a rainbow.  

She then glued it to the center of the canvas.

On the twine covered cardboard, Roberta flied a small wooden clothespin to attach the months.  She put the months on white cardstock to make them rigid. 

Roberta then decorated the canvas with the days of the week and some small wooden circles.  On one of them she placed a '15 sticker from SRM's 2015 Year of Memories.

The months of the year will are easily replaced month to month. 

The base of the calendar can be used year to year.  

What a great gift idea!  Thanks Roberta for this fabulous calendar.  You've inspired us!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

1 Sticker, 4 Cards by Lesley

I love that you can take one SRM Sticker Sentiment and make 25-30 cards!  Lesley Croghan is featured today making 4 cards from SRM's Congratulations Sticker Sentiment and I love what she's created.  She also used SRM's 4" white doilies and solid Pink Sorbet Twine.  YUM!

Here's the Congratulations Sticker Sentiment.  Don't you just love all those clear sentiments? 

SRM Stickers Blog - 1 Sticker, 4 Cards by Lesley - #stickers #sentiments #congrats

And here are the 4 delicious cards Lesley made.

SRM Stickers Blog - 1 Sticker, 4 Cards by Lesley - #stickers #sentiments #congrats #cards #set #doilies #twine

The doilies, twine, punched butterflies and bling add a wonderful touch!

SRM Stickers Blog - 1 Sticker, 4 Cards by Lesley - #stickers #sentiments #congrats #cards #set #doilies #twine

Altering the design just a bit, Lesley creates one beautiful card after another!

SRM Stickers Blog - 1 Sticker, 4 Cards by Lesley - #stickers #sentiments #congrats #cards #set #doilies #twine

Well done indeed!  What a beautiful set of cards Lesley has created!

SRM Stickers Blog - 1 Sticker, 4 Cards by Lesley - #stickers #sentiments #congrats #cards #set #doilies #twine

And the final card is just like the last but she changed up the paper and the sentiment.

SRM Stickers Blog - 1 Sticker, 4 Cards by Lesley - #stickers #sentiments #congrats #cards #set #doilies #twine

 And there are so many different themes of Sticker Sentiments, you can create cards sets in a variety of themes.  Check them all out HERE.  

SRM Stickers Blog - 1 Sticker, 4 Cards by Lesley - #stickers #sentiments #congrats #cards #set #doilies #twine

Thanks Lesley for brightening our day!  

Monday, June 23, 2014

New SRM Design Team Reveal

Today's the day!  With incredible excitement, I would like to introduce you to the new SRM Design Team!  We have selected crafters from all over for our new team and we think you'll be inspired in new ways with this exceptional group of talented artists.

Now let's meet the team with some personal information about each of them in their own words. Be sure to hop over to their blogs for a peek at their amazing work.  

Annette Allen 

"Hi, my name is Annette Allen and I am so excited to be a designer for SRM Stickers. I live in Colorado and am a stay at home wife who loves the Lord. I have been crafting since 1997 and I do not just make cards but also enjoy sewing, scrapbooking and various other crafts. I think if it involves glue you could say that I love it. I have been married for 19 years to a wonderful man and have one dog who is 17 years old. My passion is crafting and I love being inspired and also inspiring others. Thank you for having me and I look forward to the many new friendships. Happy Crafting!"

Cathy Andronicou 

"I live on the South Coast of England with my Husband and have two grown up children. I  have crafted from an early age but took it up seriously about 13 years ago.  After visiting a local craft shop for supplies I was asked if I would be interested in teaching classes there, which has lead to me teaching at many other crafting groups in the area.

In May 2011, I joined My first design team and then in the last few years have had the honour of creating on other design teams as a full time member and guest, I love to share my ideas with others and have made many new crafting friends both online and in person."

Lorena Canto 

"Hi! I’m Lorena Cantó: A Spanyard mother, wife, dog lover and full time journalist specialized in foreign affairs by day… and passionate paper crafter 24/7. We are currently posted in Bolivia, South America, and my love for all things crafty travels with me around the world. I was lucky to meet Susan and John at CHA, spend some fun time with them at the SRM booth and see first hand the versatile and high quality line of products they carry. Can't wait to share all the wonderful things that can be created with them!"

Shantaie Fowler **Emeritus**

"Hi I'm Shantaie a lover of all things creative, caffeinated and chocolate! Along with my family I own a bustling catering and concession business, and when I'm not cooking for the crowds I can be found in my craft room getting ink on my fingers and glitter on the floor. I can't imagine anything more satisfying than pursuing a creative life, and I have been lucky enough to do just that! I'm looking forward to the upcoming year with SRM, and what adventures await! 
In case I haven't mentioned it, I'm thrilled!!!!!  ;)"

Cathy Harper 

"I am married to an amazing man who is super supportive of my paper crafting obsession.  We have two kids, Alex and Maxenzi and a bunch of fur babies too.  Alex and his wife Crystal are expecting a baby girl in September, making us first time grand parents.  We are super excited to have this new little one in our lives!

I have been paper crafting for over 10 years.  I had my own scrapbook boutique in Rapid City, SD for a number of years and when we moved to Aberdeen, I started creating and designing on a full time basis.  I love it and I am beyond thrilled to be a part of the SRM Design Team.  It’s an amazing chance to work with an innovative and thriving company in the industry and amongst so many talented and inspiring designers!"

Diane Jaquay

"My name is Diane Jaquay, and I'm super excited to be a part of the SRM Design Team!  I started paper crafting when my son was born, 17 years ago, documenting all of the wonders of his childhood in scrapbooks.  That continued when my daughter was born 4 years later.  Several years after that I discovered the joys of stamping, card making, and mixed media, and I've been doing it ever since.  My biggest passions in life are my family, my hobbies, and my faith!"

Michele Kovack

"I often feel like I lead two lives, by day I am a 5th grade teacher, mother, and wife of 21 years to my high school sweetheart, and by night I am a crafting ninja!  I started crafting almost 19 years ago after the birth of my daughter, Cortney.  She was born with severe mental and physical impairments.  This hobby became a way to deal with my feelings at that time, and my way of focusing on the things my daughter could do.  By the time my son Kyle was born two years later, I was completely hooked.  And as with many obbies, one think led to a million other things and I quickly branched out.  I now create cards, scrapbook pages, wall art, altered projects….and anything else that I can get my hands on!  I have had so many wonderful opportunities in this industry and am truly blessed to work for some amazing companies.  I am thrilled to be a part of the talented SRM team!  I love their producers and have been using them for many years!  I can't wait to share with you!"

Christine Meyer 

"I am Christine Meyer, mom to three rowdy boys and one sweet girl.  My hubby and I have been married for 14 years and have lived in Texas, Missouri, and Oklahoma before settling in to rural Illinois.  I started paper crafting shortly after the birth of my oldest son and have never looked back.  I love to create cards, layouts and altered projects in a whimsical style with clean lines and full of bright colors! SRM has been one of my favorite manufacturers for years and I am thrilled to be designing for them!"

Shannon Morgan  **Emeritus**

"I'm a Great Lakes Nerdgirl inhabiting the South; a wife, mother, daughter and friend. I love working with paper, stickers, mists and working in layers. My designs are often bright and cheery. I'm so excited to be a part of SRM once again, and can’t wait to bring you all kinds of inspiration! I love caffeine, animals, books, cartoons, music, creating and Bill Murray. If I'm not working with paper, I'm walking or obsessively writing lists in my planner."

Shery Russ 

"I'm a writer/editor by trade and an art/craft junkie the rest of the time. Before I made the leap to the wonderful world of papercrafting and started blogging about my cards in July 2013. I'm a mixed media girl who has fallen in love with card-making. I love fusing my favorite styles: one layers, clean-and-simple, and mixed media. My husband and I have been married since 2004. We live in Central California with our two German shepherds and feisty cat. I'm excited to be part of the SRM Stickers Design Team and I can't wait to start creating with SRM products!"

Stacey Schafer

"How exciting to join the SRM Stickers team!  I'm a wife, mom of three, special education teacher....and avid paper-crafter!  As a child, I did all of the gift wrapping for the family at Christmas, and had a sticker addiction...collecting a new package every time I visited the local Ben Franklin store.  When I started a family of my own, I took up scrapbooking.  Once I attended my first stamping party, I discovered a new love of card and gift making.  Paper-crafting is not only a passion of mine, but also a source of relaxation.  I am looking forward to working with SRM Stickers and sharing fun projects with all of our fans and friends!  You can find me at my blog, Stacey's Stamping Stage!"

Suzanne Sergi

"I am thrilled to be a part of the SRM Stickers Design Team. I am all about the details, and SRM's products are a perfect match! . I am originally from Texas, but Orange County has been our home for the last twelve years.  I am a Mother of three very active kids.  I have two daughters, and one son that are my favorite subjects in documenting our story. I work for a local  scrapbook store, and I also teach papercrafting classes. I have a passion for papercrafting! I find time each day to be creative, even if it is only  for fifteen minutes. I love to create scrapbook pages, and altered projects. You might see a card from me, too. I have been very blessed in this hobby, and have been on previous design teams. I have also had the opportunity to have my work published in several magazines. I am excited to play with paper, and for this new opportunity with Susan, and SRM Stickers."

Cassonda Tadlock

"Hi everyone!  I'm Cassonda, also known as Sonda. :) I began paper crafting in 2005 by scrapbooking photos of my daughter. Over the years I grew more interested in other paper crafts, such as cards and gifts. This has brought many opportunities for me along the way including teaching classes, attending trade shows and working for several manufacturers. I live in Northern Californa and have been married to my husband for 24 years. During the day I work part-time at my local Target, which I LOVE! (I'm probably the rare team member that LOVES working there. haha) When I'm not working I enjoy running with my puppy, practicing yoga, getting creative in my studio and most of all, spending time in Monterey at the beach. I am a long time fan of SRM Stickers and it is truly an honor to be given an opportunity on the SRM Design Team!"

Tessa Wise 

"Hi there!  I'm Tessa Wise and I love anything crafty!  I live with my husband Jeremy and our two little girls, Zoey and Natalie in Northern Virginia.  I'm a card maker at heart but I dabble in scrapbooking and home decor projects as well.  I also love to teach others at local stores and events.  I have been a fan of SRM Stickers for many years and am so happy to be part of the team!"

Welcome to the SRM Design Team ladies!  We cannot wait to see all the crafty projects you create.  You each bring special talents to the team and we can't wait to feature you!  The first post with the new team will be on Monday, June 30th.  Be sure to join us then!  And don't forget to visit our new team members' blogs today for a peek at their SRM style!