Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Wall Glass Calendar by Cathy Andronicou

Hello!  Cathy Andronicou With you today!  Family lives are so busy these days it is often difficult to keep track of all that is going on. At our home we have added a glass panel to our wall with an acetate square calendar month behind to help record all the important events for the month.  I'll be using SRM's new Chalkboard Markers

I was so excited to discover that my chalk markers work beautifully on the glass.  The thicker markers are great for adding symbols and bold lettering and the fine ones are just perfect for recording events.  And what makes them even more perfect for the job is that the writing wipes off easily with a dry eraser or a damp cloth!

SRM Stickers Blog - Wall Glass Calendar by Cathy - #calendar #chalkboardmakers #fluorescent

On this project I used SRM's Bistro Florescent Chalk Markers both the 6mm & the Fine Tip

I have also done a little video showing how easy it is to write on and wipe off.
Enlarge to view and Enjoy!

Here's some of the products I used on today's project.  And a few others that I plan to use in the future! :)

Thanks for stopping by.  And happy crafting!


Fikreta said...

great project

Virginia L. said...

Brilliant use of markers, Cathy! Love your video for the the DIY calendar! Awesome work!