Friday, June 19, 2015

Thank You by Cassonda

Hello!  Cassonda with you today with 2 special cards for 2 special people.  School is almost out and I have a couple of special teachers to thank for all their help this year. My first year teaching kindergarten and I had a lot to learn. Thank goodness I had some help. 

For my first card I added just a small amount of whipped spackle to the lower corner. Using a template made it super easy to add the dotted pattern. Once dried I splashed some pink shimmer mist onto the card. I added lots of layers and fun things to look at. The fun scribble cut in the background is from 17 Turtles. (remember?) Awesome, right? I loved how the Thank You sentiment sticker fit perfectly on my vellum journal tag. SRM stickers are clear so you really can place them anywhere. The last bit was a small piece of sticker stitches going down the side.

The second card is made using some pretty doily paper from Maggie Holmes. I  wanted to add a pink doily to my card but I didn't have any. So what's a crafty girl to do? Pull out some paints, mix a few colors, add some glitter and paint a 4" white doily PINK! I really wish you could see the sparkle. It's amazing! (It was difficult to photograph so you will just have to trust me.) The clear sentiment MERCI sticker fit right on top of my vintage tag. Lastly, I added just a bit of blossom baker's twine to the top of my grey stamped tag. {If you look closely there's a bit of white sticker stitches at the bottom.}

Thanks for letting me share. 
I hope you enjoyed my cards and have gotten some inspiration from them.


Fikreta said...

Gorgeous card

Renee said...

Cassonda, these cards are absolutely beautiful!! I bet you had a rewarding year!!