Monday, June 1, 2015

New Products from SRM! - Day #2 - Clear Stamps

Welcome to day #2 of our new product reveal.  SRM is excited to share with you new stamps from Jane's Doodles and some NEW stamps from Susan called "BIG Sentiments and Stitches".  I had a lot of fun designing these!

WARNING:  This blog post is long, but worth it! :)

First up, let's take a look at the 10 new stamps from Jane.  Which one is your favorite? 

Here's a delicious design called Tea Time.

SRM Stickers Blog - New Products from SRM! - Day #2 - #clearstamps #janesdoodles #srm #bigstamps #stampedstitches

I love this beautiful card from Mariana Grigsby.

And a warm and wonderful Fall and Thanksgiving design called Autumn Blessings.

SRM Stickers Blog - New Products from SRM! - Day #2 - #clearstamps #janesdoodles #srm #bigstamps #stampedstitches

I love this beautiful design called Floral Hello with it's fancy sentiments. 

SRM Stickers Blog - New Products from SRM! - Day #2 - #clearstamps #janesdoodles #srm #bigstamps #stampedstitches

Eat Cake anyone?  What a fun and fabulous birthday design!

SRM Stickers Blog - New Products from SRM! - Day #2 - #clearstamps #janesdoodles #srm #bigstamps #stampedstitches

Here's a peek at one of Jane Beljo's cards that she teamed with some SRM Sticker Stitches. 

Jane's flowers are always wonderful.  Love them with the fancy sentiments in this Fancy Doodles design

SRM Stickers Blog - New Products from SRM! - Day #2 - #clearstamps #janesdoodles #srm #bigstamps #stampedstitches

Which fancy sentiment would you put on this beauty? 

Get candy?  What a happy Halloween set this is!

SRM Stickers Blog - New Products from SRM! - Day #2 - #clearstamps #janesdoodles #srm #bigstamps #stampedstitches

How fun that Jane teamed that darling cat with a SRM clear sticker sentiment. 

Warm Wishes is so cozy and fun!

SRM Stickers Blog - New Products from SRM! - Day #2 - #clearstamps #janesdoodles #srm #bigstamps #stampedstitches

What a fun tag this is from Jane Beljo!

'Tis the season is so merry and bright with it's fun gift tag!

And we thought it would be fun to do some designs for dogs and cats at play.  
Love the way these turned out!  

A Dog's Life

A Cat's Life

And now here's a look at the 8 new BIG Stamp Sentiments, Numbers and Stitches designed by Susan. They all measure 4" x 6".  Enjoy! 

BIG Numbers are perfect for birthdays, graduation, anniversaries and more! 
Love the the multiples and the extra punctuation marks and the stitches too!

Stamped Stitches for all of those stampers who love to add a touch of stitching to their projects.  

And here's a BIG hello from our new BIG Sentiments collection.  I love the combination of fonts, both bold and beautiful and those stitches too!

SRM Stickers Blog - New Products from SRM! - Day #2 - #clearstamps #janesdoodles #srm #bigstamps #stampedstitches

A BIG Congrats!  Perfect for graduation or any time of year when you want to give someone a BIG pat on the back!

SRM Stickers Blog - New Products from SRM! - Day #2 - #clearstamps #janesdoodles #srm #bigstamps #stampedstitches

A BIG Birthday is great to have anytime of year.  

SRM Stickers Blog - New Products from SRM! - Day #2 - #clearstamps #janesdoodles #srm #bigstamps #stampedstitches

How many ways can you say a BIG "Thank You"?

SRM Stickers Blog - New Products from SRM! - Day #2 - #clearstamps #janesdoodles #srm #bigstamps #stampedstitches

 BIG love!  You can never have too much love!

SRM Stickers Blog - New Products from SRM! - Day #2 - #clearstamps #janesdoodles #srm #bigstamps #stampedstitches

And finally a BIG Merry & Bright!

SRM Stickers Blog - New Products from SRM! - Day #2 - #clearstamps #janesdoodles #srm #bigstamps #stampedstitches

Leave a comment here on the blog telling us your favorite new stamp and you might just WIN it!  And be sure to join us tomorrow for more NEW product!
And if you missed our new product post from last Friday, check it out and leave a comment for another chance to WIN!


Oreety said...

Loving the Fancy Doodles set, definitely my favorite!

Anonymous said...

I like the "dog's life" the shaggy looking dog is very cute :) And to be fair I do like a few of the kittys too. Great job. Thanks for the chance.

Bad Kitty said...

all stamps are very nice
I ove Jane's stamps.
But my favorite is A Cat's Life!
love the cats!

June Houck said...

Oh wow, what a fabulous release! I love tea-themed stamp sets, and autumn, and flowers, and cute birds (Warm Wishes), and whimsical Christmas trees ('Tis the Season), and cats! If I have to choose just one favorite, I really love the Stamped Stitches.

Paper Therapy Ponderings said...

ok hard to choose - I am a sucker for Hello stamps - so very versatile -

Barb Housner

~amy~ said...

Love Love Love!

Sue D said...

Wonderful new products. I like both A Cat's Life and A Dog's life.

buglvr2010 said...

Love the dog and cat stamps! The big sentiments are also fab!

Marcia said...

So many choices. I really like the Jane's Doodles stamps.

Shelly said...

WOW! Awesome sets! Love the Floral Hello, Eat Cake, Fancy Doodles, BIG Merry & Bright...who am I kidding, I love them all! :)

Lesley said...

Exciting stuff here! I love the new stamps you are releasing. I think my favorite is the sunflower stamp set. Congratulations!

Angi Barrs said...

Fabulous! Love the tea cups and the BIG HELLO stickers! :)

sherry said...

Gosh, how can I pick just ONE set?! Love the tea set, the pup set and the BIG Hello. LOVE THEM ALL!

Ange said...

I am really loving all the BIG stamps!!! What fun sets! I think I would have to try to decide between the Birthday or the Thanks for my favorite.

cghundley said...

So much fun here!
I love the sets,
A Dog's Life and
A Cat's life!
Carla from Utah

starqueen said...

Are you kidding me? Susan, ALL of the new stamp sets are hard to pick a fave��. I'm a Tea drinker (Tea Time), a flower and wreath fanatic (Floral Hello), a cat woman (A Cat's Life) so.... This new release makes me very happy!! Thanks for sharing. Mariana'a card is lovely, too!

Amy C. said...

The Eat Cake set is my favorite! They are all so adorable!

Samantha Taylor said...

Great reveal! You must be having a blast showing off all of these fun new products. Stamps stitches and Big Thanks are my faves, but they're all great!

Giorgia Rossini said...

I love 'tis the season :)

Katy Young said...

Oh My! Such wonderful stamps! I love the cat and dog sets and the stitches set!

Samantha said...

Just love all the stamp sets! My favorites though are a dogs life, a cats life, tea time and 'tis the season! Thanks so much for the chance to win. Looking forward to seeing what else you have to share!

Kathy Skou said...

I am a crazy cat lady so you know I really need the A Cats Life stamps!!!!

{VICKI} said...

Stamped Stitches

Marielle said...

They are all so cute ! My favorite are the one with the snowmen :)

Unknown said...

I love the big thank you set! There are so many wonderful new sentiment stamps!!! Thank you SRM!

Majtolina said...

Love all Jane's stamps but tea ones are my favourite cause they remind me of a dear friend :)

Kris in Alaska said...

I'm loving that "cat's life" set so much!

dstandard said...

Fancy doodles definitely my favorite but LOVE all of them - the cats, the coffee cups - they are all wonderful!

Brandi R said...

OH MY!!!! What fabulous new sets!!!! To pick a favorite is WAY too hard!!! A dogs life, A cats life, Tea Time and Fancy Doodles are all on the tippy top of the love list! Though I have to say that I am lovin them all!!!

barbara macaskill said...

I am torn between A Dog's Life and A Cat's Life! If I won this you could send me either one and I would be just as happy!! TFS!

Jean said...

I would love one of each! Love the Fancy Doodles and the sentiments!!

Leanne said...

All wonderful stamps. Love the big numbers.

Andrea Murdock said...

tea time but also the cat and dog sets oh and the halloween!!! can't choose obviously

Krissy said...

Pick just one??? The witch is adorable and I LOVE the Fancy Doodle flowers! What a great collection of stamp sets!

NinaB said...

It's about time to you make your own stamps. :) And Jane's stamps are sweet. I love all of these, esp the tea set.

BethW said...

This is too hard! Have to have a Dog's Life (we have a mini-doxie) and the Halloween set-it is adorable!

Robin B. said...

Cute stamp sets! I love them all but, I'm partial to snowmen so I would say that Warm Wishes is my favorite.

Ruth G said...

So many stamp sets to love! I am adoring the BIG Merry & Bright set! It has such awesome fonts and great borders! TFS!

Mary Holshouser said...

I like that one. Oops, I like that one. No, that one is my favorite. So many cute stamps. Love the Halloween, the winter one,
don't ask me to pick an absolute favorite. They are all darling.
I'd be happy to win any of them.

Chark said...

hard decision...the tea cups though edge out the others as my fave!