Monday, April 21, 2014

Mini Birthday Cards by Yvonne

Using SRM's Take 2 Birthday Sticker, Birthday Birdie Stickers by the Dozen, doilies and a clear mini box, Yvonne Yam has created a lovely gift of mini cards for a friend.  

The matching envelopes are decorated with the borders from Take 2 Birthday and the images from Birthday Birdie Stickers by the Dozen.  How fun!

Yvonne then popped cards into one of SRM's Clear Mini Boxes. 

She put the envelopes under the box and and tied them all together with a lovely bow!  

And here's what they will find!  8 mini cards with matching envelopes under the box and all wrapped together.  What a perfect gift for friend.  Who doesn't need a stash of birthday cards?  

And here's the SRM products used in Yvonne's project.

The clear mini boxes not only can hold mini cards, but delicious candies as well.  They are food safe! 

Thanks Yvonne for this very "sweet" project.  Think I'll make a few of these for my present drawer.  I always like to have something on hand for a special friend.

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Lizzy Hill said...

Totally cool it! Such a fab gift idea...especially the decorated envelopes:):)