Thursday, April 17, 2014

Graduation Card Tutorial by Shelly

Using watercolor paper and watercolor pencils, Shelly Kurth has created a beautiful graduation card.  First she used pencils, paint brushes and smooch spritz, and then Shelly added SRM's Take 2 Graduation Stickers and a touch of solid black twine.

SRM Stickers Blog - Graduation Card Tutorial by Shelly - #card #graduation #stickers #twine #SRM

Here are the steps Shelly used to create this card: 

1.  Take watercolor paper and using the watercolor pencil, rub on card (back and forth motion and lighter/darker in some areas). 

2.  After, take paint brush and wet. Brush over the watercolor pencil, until you get the look you want. Let dry. 

3.  Then take the smooch spritz and spray on card (to get the dots/splatters, do not push the pump all the way down. Before you use it on the card, you may want to use a tissue/scrap piece of paper first to see how it will come out.) Once you've sprayed the spritz on the card, let sit for a minute. 

4.  Then take your finger and slightly smear it in one direction. Let dry. 

5.  Take circle die, black cardstock, and run through your machine. Once you have your circle, adhere sticker to it.  

6.  Add foam squares on back and adhere to card. 

7.  Take twine and loop it around the one side of the sticker and add sequins.

SRM Stickers Blog - Graduation Card Tutorial by Shelly - #card #graduation #stickers #twine #SRM

Here are the SRM products Shelly used for making her card.

Now you are trained so you can use this very cool technique to create watercolor cards too! 


jessica said...

What a beautiful card!!
Love the technique!

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Tracey McNeely said...

Fabulous card Shelly!