Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Doily Rosette Tutorial by Juliana

Juliana Michaels created this beautiful burlap gift bag using SRM's 5 x 7 Burlap Bag, some of SRM's Doilies, some solid Pink Sorbet Twine, a flower and some jewels. 

Love the delicate flower Juliana made with her Pink Sorbet Twine.  YUM!

And here step by step is how you create your doily rosette.  Click on photo to enlarge!

Begin with 3 doilies.  Repeat the following steps with each doily.  

1.  Fold the doily in half.  Then fold in half again and again and again for a total of 4 times.

2.  Unfold doilies and cut a slit along one of the crease lines to the middle of the doily. 

3.  Accordion fold the doily to look like photo 7 in collage above.

4.  Glue ends together to create your rosette. 

5.  Attach doily to front of burlap bag with hot glue gun.  Embellish with twine, flower and jewels. 

Now fill your embellished bag with a small gift and it's ready to give to a friend!

Thanks for the inspiration and the tutorial Juliana.  Doilies are so much fun and you've shown us one more way to make them shine! 

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jessica said...

This is so pretty! What a great pic tutorial too!