Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Planner Guest Designer - Yvonne Yam

We are excited to welcome Yvonne Yam today as a guest designer.  Yvonne is a true artist and she's turning her planner into a work of art! Let's take a look….
and let's hear from Yvonne in her own words.

Hello, Yvonne here and so happy to be back on the SRM Blog.  I've always loved their products and I was excited to be part of their design team in 

I love it when the little bits and pieces in my stash get used up...even though it takes a long long long time to even make a dent in that stash...I'm sure you know what I mean. *winks*  

I'm currently enjoying my monthly planner spreads [daily and weekly are just too much work for me!] even though I've essentially completed only one month. *haha...fingers crossed that I can keep up with it!*  SRM's Calendar Companion is perfect for my planner and so many bits and pieces that it should last me quite a while!  

It's been fun fitting in the little bits of scrap paper, adding personal touches like a painted face and using found objects in my "save-it-for-a-rainy-day" stash in my planner. :)  

Like an ice-cream stick. It is lightweight and has a cool texture. :)
By the waydo you spy some SRM?  These clear stickers are perfect for planners or any kind of mixed media.   SRM's Cooking clear stickers are included on many of my projects.  "What's For Dinner" is a daily question in my house! :)

My partial girl's face was from a scrap piece of watercolour practice.paper that I tested my new watercolour pencils on.

Like most of you, my real schedule is stored electronically. This physical planner is just a way to jot down some memories that I may not scrapbook about and to use up my scraps.:)

Thanks for dropping by.  And be sure to share your planner projects with us on Planner Sticker Fun Facebook group. 

Happy Planning! 


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Its Awesome Yvonne !

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Yvonne is amazing.. I love this planner..