Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January Planner Pages by Christine

Aren't you just loving all the new Planner Products coming your way from SRM!?!  I am so excited about them!  I used a couple on this month's planner but I didn't have them all quite yet.  So here's some spreads from my January Planner using a mix of old and new products. There are lots of details to planner pages so if you want to check them out even closer just click on the picture and it will get much bigger for you!

I have settled into a style and set up for my planner pages and that makes creating them easier and quicker.  For open spots on my days I always add in some patterned paper. I like the way this adds in some color and a visual break.  I always stamp a heart on those to remind myself that it's a break time to spend taking care of myself and my family.  This week I used a solid heart from the Life is Good stamp set.  That stamp set just stays with my planner supplies - it's got a lot of cute options for planners!

I was so excited to play with the Free Style Winter stickers!  Love those whimsical letters and what they add to the spread!

The Little Borders in Silver & White were perfect for breaking up my rows this week.

Calendar Companion is a must have in my book and is so perfect for adding little notes like a Birthday flag.

My second week incorporates the Freestyle Winter and Life is Good Stamp Set again. 

I added in some Black Sticker Stitches where I needed a little something extra. I really like how that blanket stitch looks!

This page also includes the Live Life/Calendar sticker sheet.  It's January and it's Illinois so "brrrr....it's cold" is only appropriate! 

To play off the heart stamp and sticker stitches I added in some doodling around my circle stickers from the Freestyle Winter set.  

We're looking forward to seeing what you are doing with your Planners this year - make sure to share them with us on Facebook!

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