Thursday, July 9, 2015

Linen Bag with Lace Card by Christine

Hi SRM fans! We've seen the release of the various new bags that SRM is carrying and we've got such a great variety. Christine joining you today and I am going to share with you that the bags don't have to just be used as gift bags!  I love the romantic feel of the Linen Bags with Lace so I decided to create a card incorporating one. 

SRM Stickers Blog - Linen Bag with Lace Card by Christine - #card #fancystickers #doilies #linenandlacebag

I used the 3 X 5 Linen Bag with lace along with a 4 inch White Doily to create the base for my card.  It had a bouquet feel to it so I went with that and started adding flowers, leaves, and pins to play up that idea.  Although it looks like the flowers are tucked into the bag they are actually just placed at the top!

SRM Stickers Blog - Linen Bag with Lace Card by Christine - #card #fancystickers #doilies #linenandlacebag

If you wanted to add a little gift inside the bag (jewelry would be a great fit) you could and the bag could easily be pulled off and opened! I didn't put anything inside of mine but did choose to top it with a sentiment.  I felt like the mood of the card called for a Fancy Sentiment so I used one from the Fancy Sentiment/Thanks set.

We can't wait to see what you create with these beautiful bags!