Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Mini Terra Cotta Easter Pots by Cathy H.

Hi SRM Sticker Fans! Cathy H. here with you today and no fooling ...I have super quick chalkboard themed place setting idea for you for Easter.  SRM now has these awesome SRM Chalk Markers 

I used the black EASY Chalkboard Marker paint on mini terra cotta pots to create a blackboard, let them dry and wrote my grand kids initials on each one using fluorescent yellow and pink for my little pots. 

I have more to make for Easter brunch but I thought I would start with their's first.  I love how this marker can create a blackboard surface on just about anything!

SRM Stickers Blog - Mini Terra Cotta Easter Pots by Cathy H.- #easter #chalkboard #stickers #DIY

 You still have time to make these up.  Such an easy and quick project.  Just add a bit of colorful fill paper and a Easter egg!  The perfect finishing touch to each pot was an SRM Border Sticker from the We've Got Your Border Pastel!  

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