Monday, March 2, 2015

Chalkboard "Lucky Us" Vase by Tessa

Surprise, surprise!  We have a very exciting announcement to make today!  SRM has added Chalkboard markers to our line and over the next few weeks our design team will be playing with these incredible products.  

First up is the EASY ChalkBoard Marker.  With this product, you can create a blackboard on just about any surface…. paper, fabric, wood, terra cotta, stretched canvas, glass and the list goes on and on!  Check out this YouTube to see how to use them:
SRM Stickers Blog - Chalkboard "Lucky Us" Vase by Tessa - #chalkboard #chalkmarkers #easy #blackboard #homedecor #stpatricksday #DIY

In addition of the EASY Chalkboard Marker, we have a selection of white and fluorescent markers for you to write on the blackboard surfaces you create.  How fun is that?  Here's the complete selection of Chalkboard marker products

SRM Stickers Blog - Chalkboard "Lucky Us" Vase by Tessa - #chalkboard #chalkmarkers #easy #blackboard #homedecor #stpatricksday #DIY

Now let's take a look at a very special project created by Tessa Buys.  Tessa used her Chalkboard markers on a glass vase to create a vase to match her St. Patrick's Day decorations.  How fun!   Here's Tessa telling us all about her project in her own words….

Nothing makes me happier than a vase of flowers in my living room, even if they are bright green to match my St. Patrick's Day decor. I used the Chalkboard Marker and Bistro Chalk Marker to amp up the "lucky" vibe of my vase: 

SRM Stickers Blog - Chalkboard "Lucky Us" Vase by Tessa - #chalkboard #chalkmarkers #easy #blackboard #homedecor #stpatricksday #DIY

The broad tip of the Chalkboard Marker made applying strokes of the paint to the vase easy. Holding the vase from the inside with my left hand, I used my right hand to draw the chalkboard from the bottom of the vase upward. I varied the length of my strokes for interest.

SRM Stickers Blog - Chalkboard "Lucky Us" Vase by Tessa - #chalkboard #chalkmarkers #easy #blackboard #homedecor #stpatricksday #DIY

I allowed the chalkboard to dry very well before adding my "lucky us" sentiment with a white Bistro marker.

SRM Stickers Blog - Chalkboard "Lucky Us" Vase by Tessa - #chalkboard #chalkmarkers #easy #blackboard #homedecor #stpatricksday #DIY

Even though applying the marker to glass is not quite as user-friendly as other surfaces, it is still so much easier than a bottle of chalkboard paint and a brush. I can't wait to add chalkboard to things like mirrors and picture frames, now! 
I love the results!  So totally fun and festive!

SRM Stickers Blog - Chalkboard "Lucky Us" Vase by Tessa - #chalkboard #chalkmarkers #easy #blackboard #homedecor #stpatricksday #DIY

I did some experimenting with the Chalkboard Marker and as I played, I learned a few things. Here are some tips and tricks!

1. Unlike most other surfaces, the marker is not permanent. However, you can still have a lot of fun creating with it, so long as you keep in mind that your design won't stand up to wear and tear over time. My design will easily wash off the glass vase with water and a bit of scrubbing.  It's perfect for seasonal decor or even for a special day!  Windows, mirrors, vases are all candidates for a chalkboard surface!

2. You do not need a second coat, as recommended for other surfaces. Just skip it.

3. You do not need to "prime" or "cure" the chalkboard surface before writing on it, as recommended for other surfaces. Just skip this step. If you like the look of a dusty chalkboard, scribble with regular chalk and then remove with a dry cloth or paper towel.

4. If you want to mask or tape off a section of glass, make sure your tape is really strong and consider the shape of your glass. I tried two different tapes (masking and painter's), but because my vase was round, I had a hard time getting a really good seal with the tape. The chalkboard ink ran underneath the tape and resulted in a feathered edge. If you're more practiced than I am with taping things off, you'll probably be more successful.

5. If you make a mistake while working with your Bistro marker, you probably won't be able to remove the writing like you can on other surfaces without removing some of the chalkboard. If you're nervous, you could lightly draw with a pencil where you want to draw with the Bistro marker.


Angela said...

Seriously awesome! Those would be so fun to play with!!

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so cool!

Amy C said...

What a great product!! Love the look on the vase that Tessa altered. It looks like it would be really fun to play with.

ellen s. said...

How fun! I have the white ones but not the black. Very cool and LOVE the tutorial and tips! I can see a lot of use for this!

cghundley said...

How fun and this would
be great to use on most
anything! Awesome looking
vase you made.
Carla from Utah

Jingle said...

These are amazing! I am excited to try it!

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I love chalkboards and these markers would give the writing a polished look.

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I love items created in chalkboard and would love the opportunity to be one of your winners.

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Very interesting stuff. This might come in handy in my classroom.

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F U N Colors~~~GREAT Idea for Brightening Up a Chalkboard!!!
THANKS for the Chance!!!

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love these, cant wait to try them!!

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I'm addicted to chalkboard paint, so I can't wait to try this! So much easier for smaller surfaces, I bet.

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Wow! Such a cool marker and fantastic project idea!!!

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Cool stuff! Would be fun to play with.