Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Holiday Sign Making by Shantaie

 Happy Holiday time from Shantaie! Today I have a home decor seasonal project using SRM vinyl that is sure to wow your guests and stop Santa in his tracks!  First let's talk about what supplies you will need to make your own.

SRM Stickers Blog - Holiday Sign Making by Shantaie - #christmas #homedecor #vinyl #transfertape #DIY

1. A 6 ft X 12" wood board of course you can use another size if desired
2. A small can of dark stain and a small can of white paint 
{craft paint could also be used}
3. A rag and a pair of disposable gloves to apply stain
4. 3 sheets of 12X24 SRM matte vinyl in any color
5. 1 sheet of SRM transfer tape 
6. sandpaper, an ecutter, or printed letters to trace and hand cut.

I started with a decent quality common wood board that was smooth, straight and already cut to size. It cost just under 15.00 and saved me from any additional work to prepare the sign. I stained both sides and all edges with a dark walnut stain and let dry completely {this was the hardest part of the project for me ;)

SRM Stickers Blog - Holiday Sign Making by Shantaie - #christmas #homedecor #vinyl #transfertape #DIY

I cut my vinyl letters and the sentiment on the Silhouette, (you can also print or draw your letters and trim by hand). It doesn't matter what color you use as you will be using the vinyl as a stencil. Place letters evenly spaced onto your board and burnish really really well! For the best results use transfer tape to apply, I never ever do a vinyl project without transfer tape! 

Now for the fun part! Paint over the letters, cover the whole front with a thin (almost dry brushing) coat of white water based paint and allow to dry. Once dry peel away the vinyl, don't fret if its not perfect you can sand away any imperfections and give your sign a rustic look! Now add a clear coat either spray or brush it on and it will last for seasons to come! 

An alternative is to paint your sign in the desired color and apply the shade of Vinyl you wish and clear coat over the vinyl, its a few less steps and has a less rustic appearance for a more modern or crisp decor! 

This was honestly quite easy, and took almost no time at all other than the dry time. The total project cost is less than a fraction of what some (not to be mentioned brand) signs would set you back..
see it pays to be a crafty type! :)

Happy sign making! And hope you have a crafty day!

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Lisarenae said...

Gorgeous sign! This type of sign costs a fortune in the stores!
The possibilities are limitless on what we can make now!
Time to scour the neighborhood for wood!