Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Paint Chip Inspired Mini Calendar by Lorena

Hey SRM friends! Lorena Cantó here with a fun and easy project starring the awesome Standard Mini Calendar Stickers for 2015 and the medium sized glassine bags. My idea was inspired by simple and graphic design that is still very visually appealing. Think paint chips and Pantone :)  

Ok, let's get started! 
Here's a view of the finished project packed inside a glassine bag and embellished with graphic strips that I cut and adhered to a cardstock rectangle. I added the year with the We've Got Your Number small stickers in black and attached everything together with a mini clothespin.

I wanted to make a calendar that could be pinned to a cork or bulletin board and changed every month. No bulk, perfect for the office. So I started die cutting 12 tags and adhering a 1/2 inch color strip to each. The idea was to use a color that matched each month. Once I had all my strips, I adhered the calendars making sure the characters were perfectly lined with the strips, and finished each tag with a matching hole reinforcer.

Inside the bag I also added a clear tack and matching punched circles for each month. This way, the recipient can adhere the coordinating circle to the tack when he or she (because this gift is also perfect for a guy!) changes the monthly tags.

And although this project was intended to be a gift... frankly my dears, I am very tempted to keep it for myself!

Thanks for visiting!  Now go have yourself a crafty day!

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Piali said...

Fab calendar idea, Lorena! I have to get these calendar stickers.