Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August Planner with SRM by Shanna

Today we welcome Shanna Slater to our design team.  What a talent she is!  Enjoy her work Here's a bit more information about Shanna in her own words. 

Hello!  My name is Shanna…. I am a blessed wife of 15 years and mother to 3 wonderful (most of the time) children living in Northern California.  In my spare time I love to be crafty!  Paper crafts are my favorite, but I dabble in nearly everything.  I work full time as a registered vascular access nurse and really love my job.  I am a excited to be a part of the fabulously talented design team here at SRM Stickers, and can’t wait to show all of you the ideas I have brewing in my head…. If you like what you see, you can follow my crafty adventures over 
at www.caffeinatedcraftiness.wordpress.com.


Hello and Welcome!  
This is Shanna with my first post as a SRM Design Team member.  I'm very excited! 

Today I am sharing with you my August Happy Planner monthly layout!  I love monthly layouts as a tool to get a quick glance at to do's and important dates.  I had a lot of fun using a lot of different products on this layout, and even watercolored a little!  Super fun, and even pretty quick as well.  

I used the Bible Background stamp set to stamp out the clouds in my empty squares at the beginning of the month. I love doing something creative in the blank space and the clouds were a perfect compliment to my layout.  After stamping them I lightly watercolored a pretty shade of blue in the space in between the clouds using Color-in Watercolor Twist Pencils.  Oh my goodness!!  I loved using these!  I tend to not watercolor much in my planner because it warps my pages, but I barely had to add ANY water to get the desired effect with these pencils. I foresee more watercoloring in my future planner pages for sure!

August brings a big event in our house.  With 3 kids all in school this year, Back To School might as well be considered a federal holiday!  I have one entering kindergarten, one in 2nd grade, and a soon to be junior in high school this year. They all attend different schools, and one doesn't start the same day as the other two.  So I turned to SRM Stickers to save me!  I loved how the "First day of School" sticker from the Express Yourself/School sticker sheet fit right in between the 2 weeks so it could label both dates!  I utilized the school year stickers from the Live Life/School sticker sheet to further commemorate the individual grades each of my kids are entering.  This Mama is going to be a big cry baby for the last couple weeks of August!! 

I also love coding things in my planner.  Instead of writing everything out, I choose an icon that relates to the task.  I did this specifically for my crafting swaps I participate in with the calendar icon from the Everyday Plans clear stamp set.  Whenever I see that stamped, it correlates to a due date or event I have marked on my "crafty calendar" I keep in my craft room.  I also utilized a coffee cup from Coffee Plans clear stamp set to help me remember schedule my blog posts on my personal blog Caffeinated Craftiness. You can also spot some of the Coffee Plans set being used to fill in the blank squares at the end of the month.  The little coffee beans included in the set are totally adorable as a background filler and the sentiment speaks to my caffeinated life! 

Rounding off my layout are a few snippets from the Pray, Journal, Repeat stamp set.  I adore this set and it's versatility!  Can you spot everywhere I used it??
(I will help you out some!)

Pray, PLAN, repeat sentiment
 PLAN banner (love those little alphabet letters!)
Circle around the August To Do in the sidebar
Circle around August 19th

I also used the Everyday Plans clear stamp set to create my "payday" icons and my To Do list/ My To do list features check marks that I will color in as I complete each task. Who doesn't like crossing things off a list?? My Neon Le Pens allowed me to add in small details where needed all well.  I loved the "life is good phrase" from the We've Got Your Sticker Plus Birdie sticker sheet, so that got incorporated into my sidebar because well, LIFE IS VERY GOOD!

Here is a quick recap of the SRM products used in this project:

Clear Stamp Sets:

 Neon Le Pen pens


I hope you all enjoyed my planner layout, and as always....Thank you and God Bless!! 

Until next time,


Giorgia Rossini said...

Welcome Shanna :)

carrie said...

It's fun to get a sneak peek into your month. Great post. Cute stamps.