Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Introductions - Patterned Bags! - Day #3

Welcome back to day #3 of our new product introductions.  Today it's all about bags!  I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for bags and I'm loving these new patterned bags from SRM in kraft imprinted with dots, chevron and lattice designs.  They come packed 12 per package.  

These 4" x 6" kraft bags imprinted with dots, chevron and lattice are perfect for parties, weddings, gifts or even as an envelope!  Wouldn't some brush stroke calligraphy look great on these?

And we are also offering white bags imprinted in 7 different colors and 3 designs:  Chevron, Dots and Diagonal Stripes. 
These bags measure 5 1/8" x 6 3/8" and are food safe.

Party Favor Bag, Paper Favor Bags, Dark Blue Chevron Favor Bags, Little Man Baby Shower Favors, Wedding Favor Bags, 1st Birthday Party Favor

Party Favor Bag, Paper Favor Bags, Red Chevron Favor Bags, Red Wedding Favor, 1st Birthday Favor Bags, Baby Shower Favors, Christmas Party
Party Favor Bag, Paper Favor Bags, Lime Green Chevron Favor Bags, Lime Wedding Favor, 1st Birthday Favor, Frog Party Decor, Garden Tea Party

Party Favor Bag, Paper Favor Bags, Mint Green Chevron Favor Bags, Mint to Be Favor Bags, Mint Wedding Favors, Bridal Shower, 1st Birthday

Party Favor Bag, Paper Favor Bags, Black Chevron Favor Bags, Black Wedding Favor Bags, Little Man Baby Shower, Anniversary Party Favor Bags

Party Favor Bag, Paper Favor Bags, Orange Chevron Favor Bags, 1st Birthday Party Favors, Construction Party Decor, Summer Pool Party Favors

All colors also available in large dots...

and diagonal stripes!

Which one is your favorite?  Let us know and you might just WIN some!
YUM!  I love them all!



Sherry Cartwright said...

I love them all! But, the most versatile bag, and my fave, is the kraft dotted bag. So many cute ideas running through my mind.

Unknown said...

So Cute! Love the different styles and those colors!

Mary Holshouser said...

I like the chevron kraft bags.
The colors are wonderful on the others
but I feel they limit me on when I can
use them (just a foible of my own).
They all look great.
thanks for the offer.

BevE said...

I love the kraft dotted! The others are great too.

cghundley said...

All are cute and
I really like the
polka dot ones!
Carla from Utah

Giorgia Rossini said...

I love them all but mint chevron is my fave

Rhonda Van Ginkel said...

These are so sweet! I love them all, but for some reason the kraft lattice so much. :)

Karen G said...

I love the kraft lattice design...very cool. And the large polka dots are the bomb!

Hilde Aaslund aka Scoobie said...

I make mostly masculin pages and cards, so the black and white chevron bags is my fav.

Amy C. said...

They are all so cute! The brown kraft bags are probably my favorite for their versatility.

Leanne said...

Love them all. But the kraft ones are certainly my favorite.

Kelly Sasman said...

Chevron in any color is my favorite! These will be so fun for Valentines Day gifts.

Teresa Doyle said...

These are all awesome. I am always partial to kraft and white but the coloured ones are fantastic for gifts or treats. I always say packaging and presentation is half of the gift! (t NEEDS to be pretty! LOL)

{VICKI} said...

polka dots!

Ange said...

Super fun! Love the kraft bags with white designs.

arlsmom aka Lynda said...

I am a sucker for polka dots!!!