Monday, January 19, 2015

What a Hoot! Stamped card by Cathy A.and WINNERS!

WINNERS for the new SRM product release are at the bottom of this post.

Hello from Cathy!  
Love these new Jane's Doodles stamp designs for SRM.  

SRM Stickers Blog - Jane's Doodles Clear Stamps - #stamps #stickers #owl

This little owl was just crying out for some wiggly eyes!

SRM Stickers Blog - Jane's Doodles Clear Stamps - #stamps #stickers #owl

I used the new Clear stamp Wise Owl, red sticker stitches, Chameleon Pens, Wiggly eyes, flower patterned paper and Spellbinders nesting circles.

The owl and branch stamps and coloured using Chameleon Spring Meadow, Hot cocoa, Bark, Blue Violet and Aqua Marine, wiggly eyes were added and then the image cut out.

A card blank was created and an aperture added using Spellbinders nesting circles. and the owl added to the centre. Red Sticker stitches were then added to finish off the design around the edge of the card.

SRM Stickers Blog - Jane's Doodles Clear Stamps - #stamps #stickers #owl

How much fun I had creating this card.  Check out all the new Jane's Doodles stamps for SRM here!


Day #1 Stamps - Amy T. said:
yay! I love that SRM is now carrying Jane's Doodles! I love them all :)

Day #2 Kraft Boxes - Ivy said:
love the 3x3x2 box!

Day #3 Clear Containers - Amy C. said:
Such awesome containers!! I love them all!!  That clover top box is a must have because my oldest is a St. Patrick's day baby and they would make perfect favors!!

Day #4 Doilies & Sports Stickers - Ange said:
These are awesome!!! Absolutely LOVE that you have Volleyball! That is hard to find at times.  And I would like to formally request softball (w/o pink!).

Day #5 Kraft & Glassine Embossed Bags - Teresa Doyle said:
Congratulations SRM on having such awesome packaging! You certainly have everything covered for every need! Good (decorative) packaging is as important as what is inside, in my humble opinion. Glad to see such a wide variety of packaging available! Thank you!

Please email me with your mailing address and your prize will be on it's way!


Shelly said...

WOW. Gorgeous card!

Ange said...

That card is super cute! Love that owl!!

Yay! So excited to win and the sports stickers! They will be so much fun!!! Can't wait. Thanks!

Jane said...

Wow!!! Gorgeous card!!And congrats to all the winners!

~amy~ said...

Cathy's card is adorable and yahooo! so happy to be a winner!

Teresa Doyle said...

Thank you so much for the generous gift! I'm SO excited!
Your card is great. I love owls and he is so cute.

Teresa Doyle said...
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ivy said...

beautiful card by cathy! love owls! thank you for the prize! just in time to wrap up special valentine gifts!