Friday, August 26, 2011

Retailer Spotlight; Cool Scrapbook Stuff

We are pleased to spotlight one of favorite retailers, Cool Scrapbook Stuff in Poway, California. Owner, Gena Barney, and her customers are crazy for SRM Stickers. Gena has ordered and re-ordered almost every sticker that SRM has produced...and that's a lot of stickers!

How did it all begin? Gena owned a copy shop with a scrapbooking department. She hated the copying part but loved the scrapbooking part so she decided to just go crafty. Thus, Cool Scrapbook Stuff was born in 1998. She's been at her current location since 2003 which is jam packed with lots of scrapbooking goodies. Some people say there isn't anything that she doesn't have! Gena started ordering stickers from SRM in March of 2000 and has not stopped ordering since. She's truly one of our biggest cheerleaders. The reason she goes so deep into the line is because, "People buy stickers. Scarcely is there a request where I can’t suggest a SRM Sticker", Gena laughs. Gena loves that SRM has so many different themes and that the product is so usable.

Personally, Gena loves and uses SRM Stickers. In her own words she says "Um…. DUH! I LOVE THEM! Love that they are clear-backed. Love that they are versitile. Love that they change with the times. LOVE-LOVE-LOVING the new “Fancy” stickers!" But in the next breath, when asked what her favorite SRM Product is, she said "I love them all! But, right now, clearly I’m LOVING the Mini Calendar stickers!" She loves them so much that she created this amazing wall calendar;

As a retailer, Gena loves that SRM Stickers is SO responsive to requests and takes input so well. She says, "More companies should be like that! I mean, if there are thousands of people asking for something, shouldn’t a company develop it?" And Gena is not shy about speaking up. With her encouragement, SRM created calendar products that have been a great addition to the line. Listening to our retail and consumer customers helps SRM to create new products that are lacking in the market.

Gena also she feels that SRM stickers sell themselves. She loves the high quality and is a big fan that all SRM products are "Made In The USA". She loves the Blog because it offers SO many samples and she refers tons of her customers to check it out!

Here are more projects by Cool Scrapbook Stuff;

SRM and Cool Scrapbook Stuff have been a great team for over 10 years. Kind of a mutual admiration society. If you are ever in the area, drop in but be prepared because Gena will certainly recommend that you buy SRM Stickers!

Thank you for joining us at the Blog this week. Be sure to pop by on Monday for another Paper of the Week Feature and chance to win!


Unknown said...

Another batch of awesome creations! I enjoyed reading about the shop & Gena, thanks for sharing.

Virginia L. said...

LOVE the GORGEOUS calendar! The display is amazing! Gena's store looks like SO much fun to visit! Thanks for spotlighting such a fabulous store!

Anonymous said...

I hope you all enjoy the projects we've highlighted! I did want point out that the BEAUTIFUL card that was highlighted was made by our very own Ashley Owens. She has such a talent and amazing creativity! I just LOVED her card - so elegant and sophisticated!