Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hope Bottles, A Tutuorial by Raechelle

Welcome! Raechelle has a special tutorial for us today. She used our Breast Cancer Awareness stickers to create treasured "hope bottles". Enjoy!

Hope Bottles


SRM Stickers;
Say It With Stickers, Celebrate Life
Express Yourself, Celebrate Life
Empty 4 pack Frappuchino bottles and cardboard carrier
Crate Paper and die cuts
White spray paint or acrylic paint
Wooden girl figure
Mod Podge and glue
Scallop punch
Hole punch


1. Wash and dry bottles; with spray paint or acrylic paint, paint lids and top inside area of box. Allow to dry.

2. For base: cut 2 strips of 4"x12" pieces of patterned paper; for handle area: cut a 5"x4.5 strip of coordinating paper; this will be wrapped over the handle. To cut the holes. Pre fold paper over the handle, then trace the holes on each side, then cut out. For triangular areas alongside handle area: lay this area down, trace onto patterned paper, and cut out.

3. Adhere pieces to box; first adhere the triangular pieces, then the handle, then the base. To make the edges neat use one of the 4"x12" strips and overlap about 1/2" on two sides. Trim off excess. Then cut the second strip to size with the edges meeting and going atop the overlap from the first sheet.

4. Cut two 3/4"x12" strips, use a scallop punch and then adhere this to the top edge around the box.

5. Apply several SRM stickers onto multiple sheets of patterned paper (I used most of the stickers from each of the three sheets I selected for this project); cut out and then begin adhering to box and bottles. I also applies some stickers directly onto the bottles instead of placing them all on the patterned papers.

6. Fill "holes" with a few die cuts and anything else you have to add. I had a wooden girl shape that I added to the front of the box. Finish off bottles in the same way. I like to keep them fairly simple since they are mostly inside the box.

7. Punch 4 circles out of patterned paper; adhere to lid and then apply a SRM Sticker.

8. Fill bottles with whatever your heart desires.

Thank you for joining us today...we'll be back tomorrow!


Kathy said...

Gosh this project is just amazing and what a great way to reuse those bottles. I can just picture each one filled up with candy, gold fish...etc! Awesome tutorial :)

beckyjune said...

Awesome job on this, Rae!

Jocelyn said...

This is just Beautiful!!! Thank you for the I am off to buy some Frappe bottles!!!

Anonymous said...

wonderful creation, rae!!
chock full of yummy details!!

BabyBokChoy said...

I'm with Jocelyn, need frappucino bottles, STAT! lol.

mustangkayla said...

What a fabulous project and tutorial!

Tenia Nelson said...

Love this!!

Deana said...

Beautiful work, Rae! What a great gift this would make, too! :-)

Amy Heller said...

I just love this so much- fun and inspiring at the same time!!